Winter Guard

Welcome to Centaurus Winter Guard! 

What is winter guard?  It is a beautiful blend of movement and dance with technical routines of flags, rifles and sabres peformed to recorded music inside.

We are judged and get a score and compete with other groups to become better in our art and sport.

It is a complement to Color Guard in the fall Marching Band program.

For more information on winter guard in general go to or

For more information on Centaurus Winter Guard contact Katie Thompson. 


The 2018 Show - Pieces

The 2017 Show - Technophobia



The show for the 2015 winter season is "Classified"




This is the 2nd season of Winter Guard at Centaurus.  They moved up in class this season to Independent Regional A. The group has done well so far this season, scoring in the top 3 in their class.



The 2015 Centaurus HS Winter Guard


Guard Mtn Range.jpg 

2015 Season recaps:

4/4/15: State championships at DU: 83.62 2nd place

3/28/15: Arapahoe HS: 78.85 2nd place 

3/21/15: Wheat Ridge HS: 76.8 2nd place 

3/14/15: Pomona HS 74.26 3rd place 

2/14/15 Mountain Range HS: 67.21 2nd place 

2/7/15 Horizon HS: 62.82 2nd place



Congratulations on a Wonderful 2014 Season!

Centaurus Winter Guard went from a 49.08 to a 76.34 in their first season!


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