We love our volunteers! Thank you for supporting our kids!


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The Centaurus Band Program relies very heavily on parent participation. Maintaining a high caliber band program requires a great deal of fundraising and volunteer support from our families. Our band director, his staff, and our talented hard-working kids need the help of every family. 

In order to work with the kids, you must be cleared by the BVSD. There are 3 levels of clearance as outlined below. Anyone who will be around the kids during marching season (and that is probably all of us) will need at least a Level 1 clearance.


We very much need Level 3 volunteers who are cleared to drive the kids in personal vehicles. Please consider becoming a Level 3 volunteer. These volunteers are critical to our fundraising efforts as well as the fantastic extra-curricular opportunities available to the students (no buses provided). 


To work with students in the Marching Warrior Band:

You must complete the BVSD Volunteer Forms each school year.  June is the best month to do this for the following school year.

NEW BVSD POLICY!  You can complete your volunteer forms on-line and do one background check that is good for your entire time in BVSD:

Volunteer at BVSD


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Old procedures are still valid.
Steps to Participate (best to do this in June for the following year):

  1. Complete Volunteer Form .
  2. Complete Background Check through TCLogiQ.com (for levels 2 and 3)Attach a photocopy of your TCLogiQ clearance (BVSD teachers can indicate their CDE status and the school where they teach. Best to do this in JUNE for the following year.
  3. Complete Student Transportation in a Private Vehicle Form (for level 3). Attach a photocopy of your Driver’s License, Insurance Card, and Insurance Declaration Page.
  4. Make photocopies of all completed forms and your email from TCLogiQ stating that you have been approved. Keep a copy for your personal files.
  5. Turn in your forms to our Volunteer Coordinator or Mr. Vogelsberg.
  6. If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator or Mr. Vogelsberg.

Please note that once you have completed the above steps and are cleared by the district, you may volunteer anywhere in the Boulder Valley School District. If you have kids at other BVSD schools, or you plan to volunteer elsewhere else at Centaurus (field trips, working in the classroom, etc.) you are all set to go! 

~ Thank you for volunteering! ~


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