Nominations & Elections

Nominations for the 2018-2019 Board of the Centaurua Band Boosters were held at the Parent Meeting on Thursday March 1, 2018. 

Please see the following:

Nominations for the 2018-19 Centaurus Band Boosters Board
Nominations are open until and during the April 12th elections
Please send nominations to:


Shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and the meetings of the members of the Centaurus Band Boosters (CBB); shall see the orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out; shall sign leases, mortgages, deeds and other written instruments as designated by the Board of Directors (BOD).


  • Work with band director, ensuring the CBB are addressing the needs and concerns of the band program
  • Represent CBB within the school community and local surrounding community
  • Represent CBB with band director as a liaison to the school concerning any issues regarding the program
  • Ensure overall schedule of events are being met for the band boosters
  • Handle parent concerns regarding booster activities
  • Facilitate annual budget meetings and approval process
  • Shall sign checks and documents as needed

Nominees for President:
Rhonda Harvison

Shall record the votes and keep the minutes of meetings and proceedings of the BOD and of the Corporation; keep the corporate seal of the corporation and affix it on papers requiring said seal; serve notice of meetings of the BOD and of the members of the Corporation; keep current records showing the members of the Corporation together with their addresses, and shall perform such other duties as required by the BOD.

  • Record minutes of band parent meetings and BOD meetings
  • Post minutes to shared drive to make available to band families
  • Organize and provide historical minutes for reference as requested
  • Email parents highlights of monthly meetings
  • Keep record of attendance at parent meetings
  • Review online bank statements for Treasurer (checks and balances)
  • Oversee Alumni Committee
  • Oversee Nominations Committee

Nominees for Secretary:
Emily Wesseling


Shall receive and deposit, in appropriate bank accounts, monies of the CBB and shall disburse such funds as directed by the Board in payment of the CBB's obligations.

  • Shall sign checks and other documents as designated by the BOD;
  • Shall keep proper books of account using QuickBooks or some other accounting system as directed by the BOD.
  • Shall prepare an annual budget with the assistance of the BOD.
  • Shall file annual tax returns, applicable State periodic reports and 1099s
  • Shall be part of Executive Finance Committee
  • Shall oversee the Finance Team

Nominees for Treasurer:
Suzanne Finnigan


Band Programs Chairperson
Shall oversee and support:

  • Band Program Coordinators (Marching Band, Winter Percussion, Winter Guard) to ensure student, Director and staff needs are met for competitions and practices 
  • Regionals Competition Co-Coordinators to maintain a high level of competition integrity 
  • Band Program Liaisons (Jazz Band, Concert Bands, New Parent/Middle School Outreach) to assist Director with various functions related to designated group  

Nominees for Band Programs Chair:
Lori Winslow


Communications & Public Relations Chairperson
Shall oversee and support: 

  • Band Website Committee to ensures accuracy & timeliness of website content including calendar
  • Newsletter production
  • Facebook and other social media platforms deemed appropriate by the BOD
  • Communicate band events to the CHS and Lafayette/Erie community
  • Provides info to newspapers and magazines regarding events & outcomes of competitions
  • Ad placement for fundraisers and/or events as determined by the BOD and the budget
  • Works with the City of Lafayette to promote the CHS Band Programs
  • Works with CHS to promote Band Programs

Nominees for Communications & Public Relations Chair:
ChristA Lassen-Vogel
Christine Belin


Database Management Chairperson
Shall oversee and support: 

  • Coordinators and Committees
  • tasked with maintaining all band program data sets including but not limited to:
  • Current Band Students and Parents Database
  • Alumni Students and Alumni Parents Database
  • Instruments Database
  • Music Library
  • Uniforms Database
  • Special Trips Forms Collection

Nominees for Database Management Chairperson:

Matt Hicks


Food Chairperson
Shall oversee and support:

  • Marching Band Food Team
  • Band Camps
  • Competitions
  • Marchathon Lunch
  • On Band trips as requested
  • Overnight trips as requested
  • End of Year Banquet Team
  • End of Year Concert Food Team

Nominees for Food Chairperson:

Lori Loftus



Fundraising Chairperson
Shall oversee and support:

  • Fundraising Coordinators including but not limited to:
    • Marchathon 
    • Virtual Marchathon 
    • Annual Auction & Instruments Appeal
    • Mattress Sale 
    • Student Opportunity Fund (Holiday Plants, World’s Finest Chocolate, Butter Braids, etc)
    • Ongoing Fundraisers:  Grocery Cards, Amazon Smiles, Restaurant Nights
  • Monthly Fundraising Committee meetings
  • Setting annual fundraising income goals for compilation of annual Boosters operating budget
  • PR & Communications Chair with promotion of fundraisers on social media platforms & website
  • Volunteer recruitment to adequately staff event fundraisers (Marchathon, Auction, Mattress Sale)

Nominees for Fundraising Chair:
Paula Mannell
Paula invites others to run for Fundraising Chair.


Grants & Sponsorship Chairperson
Shall oversee and support:

  • Grant Writing Committee to provide funds for band assets such as instruments, uniforms, and equipment.
  • Sponsorships Committee to extend band program fundraising outside of our current band families

Nominees for Grants & Sponsorships Chair:




Uniforms Chairperson
Shall oversee and support:

  • Uniform Team to ensure our students are properly attired
  • Marching Band Show Shirts Coordinator
  • Other Apparel Coordinator

Nominees for Uniforms Chair:

Tricia Uchida
Tricia invites others to run for Uniforms Chair.


Volunteers Chair  
Shall oversee and support:

  • Volunteer Form Collection Committee to ensure timely collection of volunteer clearance paperwork in conjunction with Database Management Chair
  • Marching Band Props Coordinator
  • Marching Band Pit Coordinator
  • Marching Band volunteer scheduling per competition
  • Communicate as appropriate with parents regarding the band’s volunteer needs (email, newsletter, etc)
  • Maintain general volunteer sign-up spreadsheet 
  • Maintain volunteer job descriptions
  • Winter Percussion Volunteer Scheduling per competition 
  • Will work closely with Winter Percussion Coordinator
  • Winter Guard Volunteer Scheduling per competition
  • Will work closely with Winter Guard Coordinator
  • Coordinate with Regionals volunteer coordinator for assistance if needed

Nominees for Volunteers Chair:

Jimmy Venditti


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